Merge with your fellow slimes as you escape the lab and go into the wilderness. Many obstacles stand in your way, but with the powers of your slime companions, nothing can stop you!


We have 4 different slimes:
a. Standard Slime - Run of the mill slime
b. Sticky Slime - Can slide along and jump on walls
c. Shield Slime - Is immune to spikes
d. Lava Slime - Can swim through lava and burn crates

And the Super Glowy Green Merged Slime, which gets the power of all the slimes that merged together to form it! (Pretty cool... ain't it ? :p )


1. WASD + Space: Move and jump
2. E/M: Merging/Splitting (you can only merge when the slimes are within a certain range of each other)
3. Q: Toggle between slimes
4. Space/W + A/D: Wall Jump (Only for sticky slime)
5. Esc: Settings

Created by:

Vishal (
Lucas (
Flavio (
dios_jeans (
Steven (
Brent (

Disclaimer: Time to Slime is too performance intensive for, please download a suitable build.

Install instructions

1. Download
2. Unzip it
3. Open the Slimes.exe file

1. Download
2. Unzip it
3. Open the TimeToSlime application

1. Download
2. Unzip it
3. Open the index.html file with your browser of choice


Download 268 MB
Download 259 MB

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