Tamper with memories that no longer want to be remembered, you must go through what these customers went through in order to give them a clean slate... You have the superpower to literally edit anyone's memory... Use it to help these customers and ease out their pain..

Thanks for playing!

Created in under 7 days as a submission to the Weekly Game Jam 205 with theme : "Unconventional SuperPowers"

Hands Behind the Game:

MijimoGO - Music and Sound Design

NightFury - Programming

Vishal - Programming

InkAndAmaranth - Art and Narrative Design

Brad Spence - Narrative Design



What has roots as nobody sees,

Is taller than trees,

Up, up it goes,

And yet never grows?”


Alive without breath,

As cold as death;

Never thirsty, ever drinking,

All in mail never clinking."


“This thing all things devours;

Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;

Gnaws iron, bites steel;

Grinds hard stones to meal;

Slays king, ruins town,

And beats mountains down.”

Tolkien, J. R. R. The Hobbit 1937

Install instructions

  • Download file
  • Right click and select 'Show in folder'
  • Right click on the folder and select extract
  • Once extracted double click on folder and select the Application


Memory Weaver 25 MB


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I'm Loving the aesthetics of that one!
You did so well on that game :D